Murphy’s Lore, Dear Cthulhu, Mystic Investigators, Terrorbelle, Fairy With A Gun, Swords of the Daemor, Nemesis & Co., DMA, Agent Karver, Hell’s Detective, The Infinite jester, Graveyard Angel, Hexcraft, Crimson Midnights, Startenders, The Mystacuast, Soul For Hire, Bulfinche’s Pub, Murphy’s Lore After Hours and all related characters are copyright and TM Patrick Thomas. All rights reserved. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Laurence Fishburne's production company Cinema Gypsy Productions has taken a film and television option on Patrick Thomas’ urban fantasy Fairy With A Gun. Fairy With A Gun is a paranormal mystery which chronicles the adventures of Terrorbelle, a former soldier from Faerie who is equal parts pixie and ogre who now makes her home in New York City. She is too large to fly in magic poor Manhattan, but can hover and use her wings as deadly weapons as she works for Nemesis & Co. defending the weak from those who would harm them. Terrorbelle made her first appearance in the fourth Murphy’s Lore book Shadow Of The Wolf and has appeared in more than a dozen books and anthologies before getting her own book. Fairy With A Gun is a spinoff from the Murphy’s Lore series. So far thirteen books set in the Murphy’s Lore universe have been published by Padwolf Publishing since Tales From Bulfinche’s Pub debuted in 1997. The series had earned much critical praise.  Asimov’s has called it “Slick… Entertaining,” and Science Fiction Chronicle wrote it is full of “Humor, Outrageous Adventures and some clever plot twists.” Raven’s Barrow praised Terrorbelle by saying “Who doesn’t love a well-stacked, ass-kicking, gun-toting, woman with bullet-proof, razor-sharp wings that investigates all manner of supernatural spookiness? I know I do, and Thomas’s humor shows through in every tale. Jim Butcher and Laurell K Hamilton have nothing on Thomas.” The books of Patrick Thomas are also part of the set and props department at the television program CSI and have been seen on the show. Thomas was voted Preditors & Editors Favorite Author Of 2010. In addition to Fairy With A Gun and the Murphy’s Lore books, Patrick Thomas is the author of the Mystic Investigators series from Dark Quest Books, as well as the Dear Cthulhu humorous advice columns which have been collected by Dark Quest Books into the collections Have A Dark Day and Good Advice For Bad People. He has also written the paranormal mysteries Dead To Rites and Lore & Dysorder, both from Padwolf Publishing. Learn more at