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stories featuring Negral
1st Appearance
Negral is a forgotten Sumerian god who was in danger of fading away to Oblivion. The Devil offered him a alternative-to become Chief of Police in Hell. These are his stories.
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MYSTIC  INVESTIGATORS   TM TO “Another Good Story.”  -Sam Tomaino, SFRevu “Really took the cake.  Patrick Thomas...  took the “bad cop” theme  straight to Hell,”   - Luke Forney, LUKE REVIEWS
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“Thomas weaves  impressive, and  occasionally hilarious,  dark world-building...   RECOMMENDED”   -Wendy S. Delmater, ABYSS & APEX “Gritty, snappy, very dark  and very funny, ”  -J. L. Comeau, CREATURE FEATURE
“As always, Thomas spins a good yarn—noir in Hell, with a hefty dash of humor...a fun take on the paranormal detective genre. “  -Michael D. Pederson, Nth Degree Dyscontected was Choosen for Ellen Datow’s  YEAR’S BEST BORROR 2011 PATRICK THOMAS  author Hell’s Detective Home Murphy’s Lore™ Dear Cthulhu™ Mystic Investigators™ Other Series More