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Anthologies featuring tales of Terrorbelle  NEMESIS & CO. tales DARK FURIES edited by Vince Sneed -SICK DAY  TIME CAPSULE edited by Edward McFadden TERRORBELLE AT THE ALAMO  a tale of The Mystacaust  NIGHTCAPS (MURPHY'S LORE AFTER HOURS VOL. 1) Patrick Thomas -OPEN DOOR POLICY  BAD-ASS FAIRIES edited by Danielle Ackley-McPhail, L. Jagi Lamplighter, Lee Hillman and Jeff Lyman –ENDGAME MYSTIC INVESTIGATORS – Patrick Thomas- ATTACK OF THE TROUSER SNAKE EMPTY GRAVES (MURPHY'S LORE AFTER HOURS VOL. 2) Patrick Thomas- ZOMBIELICIOUS   The Swords of The Daemor tales featuring Terrorbelle SAILS & SORCERY edited by W.M. Horner -BENEATH THE SEA OF TEARS DEMON: A CLASH OF STEEL ANTHOLOGY edited by Jason M. Waltz-THE LESSOR    WARFEAR edited by Bruce Gehweiler -BENEATH DARKNESS CLASH OF STEEL 3: DEMON edited by Armand Rosamilia -THE LESSOR  EMPTY GRAVES (MURPHY'S LORE AFTER HOURS VOL. 2) Patrick Thomas- THE ZOMBIE OF OGRE ROCK
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TERRORBELLE our heroine, a former Daemor soldier from Faerie, who’s moved to New York to work for Nemess & Co.  to continue her fight against injuctice
NEMESIS Daughter of Night, Godkiller, Enforcer for The Council Of Thromes. The head of Nemess & Co. has many titles, but only one mission- PUNISH THE GUILTY.
GANI twin sister of Merlin, former mystic of the Round Table.
RUDY valkyrie daughter of Thor, rides a winged horse. Party girl.
“Thomas certainly brings the goods to the table when it comes to writing urban fiction...I promise, you will love the collected short stories of Terrorbelle: Fairy With a Gun. Who doesn’t love a well-stacked, ass-kicking, gun-toting, woman with bullet-proof, razor-sharp wings that investigates all manner of supernatural spookiness? I know I do, and Thomas’s humor shows through in every tale. Jim Butcher and Laurell K Hamilton have nothing on Thomas.” The Raven’s Barrow "There is nothing petite & sweet about Terrorbelle... this bad-ass faerie earns her name, with or without a gun! If you like your action with a twist of humor, check out the work of Patrick Thomas." - Danielle Ackley-McPhail, editor of the award-winning Bad-Ass Faeries  "With characters pulled from mythology, fairytales, and legends, each proved more interesting than the last. The plot was resourceful, the pace exhilarating, and the style of writing was entertaining." - Bloody Mary, Horror Web “Reading any of Patrick Thomas’ books is bound to brighten your day...get your hands on “Fairy With A Gun”. Just be careful where you put your hands, ’cause those wings of hers are sharp enough to cut them off!” - Ida Vega-Landow, The Journal of the Lincoln Heights Literary Society Praise for the Terrorbelle story ENDGAME “Patrick Thomas’ “Endgame” provides the very last word in bad-ass faeries. - Dru Pagliassotti, The Harrow “The most terrifying posterior this side of Hell… “ -Daniel Robichaud, Horror Reader Praise for the Terrorbelle story SICK DAY “The best entries (in Dark Furies) are by Patrick Thomas, C.J. Henderson, & James Chambers” -Don D’Ammassa, Science Fiction Chronicle “GREAT...” -Nick Cato, Horror Fiction Review
Terrorbelle’s adventures as as a soldier in Faerie
EVEN THE THINGS THAT GO BUMP IN THE NIGHT ARE GOING TO LEARN NOT TO MESS WITH  TERRORBELLE Fairy With A Gun optioned for Film & Television by Laurence Fishburne’s Cinema Gypsy Productions  click here for Press Release PATRICK THOMAS  author Terrorbelle
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